Your Own Destiny

Your life is your own making. No one else but you is in charge of your life.
You are the driver who steers the wheel and the direction or path that you
take is, and will always be, your own making. But how do you command
your life to turn towards the path that you want it to take? How will you go
about shaping your destiny? In this book, you can expect to learn all the
things that you need to know in order for you to take full control of your
life. After reading this, you will definitely find it easier to take charge of
your life.

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10 Secrets of
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Video Marketing

Consumers love video. They watch video. They ENJOY video.
They even enjoy video when the video is selling something, as long as the
video still entertains and informs.
So how can you use more video in your business?

I was looking forward to this book and it did not disappoint! You get to understand how business comes from and different events that shapes our works. Overall it's satisfying without being predictable. 4.5/5

John Darligton

Well its amazing, buy it. Its like it is glued to your hands once you buy it! Well done by the author .

Dan Waldo

This author has done their research, though it may be a little old and some apps don’t exist anymore there’s definitely plenty that do still work and you can definitely still make money using this book it’s a cheap book but it’s a good investment.

Jane Smitsh

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difficult, but it does take some knowledge and the ability to put that
knowledge to work

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